DIY Floral Home Decor, Embroidered Cushion Case with Gorgeous Rose Design

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What do you employ while embroidering plainly on heavier fabric?

It's possible that you'll need to use a larger needle and a stronger embroidery thread while working on thicker materials like denim or canvas for simple stitching. Your stitches will be easier to see and the needle will be able to penetrate the fabric more easily as a result.

To stretch the fabric taut and keep it from bunching or puckering, you might also need to use a hoop. The fabric can also be kept steady and kept from shifting as you embroider by applying a stabilizer, such as tear-away or cut-away.

Try using a thimble to shield your fingers and add extra force if you're having trouble getting your needle through the fabric. Also, if the material is dark or thick and you are having trouble seeing your stitches, you can use a light source, like a lamp or magnifying glass, to assist you view your work.

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