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Embroidery thread and needle

Paxcoo 124 Skeins Embroidery Floss Cross Stitch Thread with Needles

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Product details

Material Cotton


Color 124 colors

Item Weight 0.42 Pounds

Product Care Instructions Machine Wash

Number of Pieces 124, 16

WHAT YOU GET – Paxcoo Embroidery thread included 124 skeins of embroidery threads along with a set of gold eye needles that is great for beginners

VIBRANT COLORS - Approx. 100 bright colors per pack, great for friendship bracelets, string art, needlecraft project, cross stitch project

STRONG EMBROIDERY THREAD – The floss is made of polyester- cotton, glossy and smooth to work with. Each skein is 8 meters long and includes 6 strands

EMBROIDERY NEEDLES – Come with 16 gold eye embroidery needles # 3-9, perfect for cotton or ribbon embroidery

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