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Borderline Embroidery

Embroidery on clothes is found all over the world mundanely. As it is ancient, various types of embroidery have been invented. Sewing of borderline is one of the varieties that is used in a vast amount in the embroidery field. Almost all types of dresses can ornate by decorating the borderline with colorful thread. Even sewing the dresses borderline with a variety of colorful threads gives a wonderful structure of attracting people to buy the dresses.

Sectors of Borderline Embroidery

Border design embroidery can be used in a vast amount of sectors. The sectors are Frocks, kids dresses, Sharee Borderline, Neckline of Kamij, Kurti, kurta; Sleeve border, Hijab, Quilt, Bed sheet, Shirt, t-shirts, Photoframe, Border of Winter Clothes, Nakshi Kantha Designs, etc. Borderline designs can also be used in the middle of the dresses along with the border parts of the dresses.

Components of Borderline Embroidery

Diversified elements can be used in Borderline Embroidery which gives a royal look to the dresses. The elements such as stone, sip, Wire Frames, Jump Rings, Lobster Clasps, Assembled Necklaces, Crystals & Chatons, and lace are used with thread for sewing the Borderline.

Designs of Borderline Embroidery

Borderline patterns were mainly drawn in small flowers with a stem which gives a vine-like structure to the dress. Besides this, large-size flowers, Bud with Leaf, different geometric structures, half-moon structures, Full moon structures, Star structures, etc. are also found in Borderline Embroidery.

Stitches of Borderline Embroidery

Stitches used in borderline embroidery are chain stitch, Satin stitch, Lazy Daisy stitch, Running stitch, Backstitch, Stem stitch, French knot stitch, Bullion Knot stitch, Fly stitch, Fish Bone stitch, Bead stitch, Grouped Blanket stitch, Spoke stitch, couching over rug yarn stitch, woven cross stitch, Long and Short blanket stitch, Herringbone stitch, couching, etc.

Threads of Borderline Embroidery

Threads of different varieties give different amusing scenes in Borderline Embroidery. Threads in use for Borderline Embroidery are Stranded Embroidery Cotton, Perle Cotton, Wool, Metallic, Silk, Novelty Threads, Variegated, Rayon, Overdyed threads, Crochet, Floche, Ribbons, etc.


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Books of Borderline Embroidery: On The Border: A book of hand embroidery border patterns inspired by garden and nature

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