How to do amazing kadai kamal stitch design, केवल सही सिलाई

Kamal Kadai:

Embroidery is the art of embellishing fabric or other material by applying thread using a needle. Based on the texture and the designs of the fabric and stitch embroidery designs are various types. Among the various types of trendy embroidery in India and Pakistan, kamal Kadai is one of them. Kamal Kadai which looks like a lotus flower is also called lotus embroidery in India and Pakistan. It is considered local in Andhra Pradesh.  

Kamal Kadai resembles an embroidery of western named Teneriffe lace work. The origins of kamal Kadai and Teneriffe's lacework are different. The pattern of the Teneriffe lace work is elaborative and for Kamal Kadai is easy and simple.

The floral leaves of the design are the widest in the center and lower on both sides of the design slightly looking like staircases. There are four or five floral patterns with wavy stems.


Kamal Kadai's design may be the twisted center or open center. Some use an even number of spokes and some use an odds one. When one uses the odds number of spokes at the end of each spoke/flower leaf, one can add beads. This bead not only presents a heart-touching decoration but also wrapped the spokes of the kamal Kadai.



Kamal Kadai can be used in various types of dresses such as Shari, Veil, Kami, wall mate, etc.


The woven trellis stitch is mainly used for the leaves and flowers of kamal Kandi along with other stitches to complete the designs. Sometimes beads and gemstone are used to decorate the designs.   

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