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Stem Stitch


Various types of stitches are used for borderline purposes. Among them, the uses of stem stitching must not be seen minor extent. Stem stitch is also known as stjälksöm, Point de tige, Ponto pé de flor, Punto de tallo, Ponto haste, Stalk stitch, Punto erba, Crewel stitch, etc. Whitework, redwork, freeform embroidery, and more are all types of needlework that can use stem stitch. It can be used for borderline purposes for giving the outline of the designs and filling the inner parts of the embroidery as a straight line or curved line. Stem stitch works for filling the various designs by using multiple lines of stem stitch.


Process of Stem Stitching

  • Bring the needle out through the base cloth and pull out the thread till finishing.
  • Insert the needle through the fabric at some distance.
  • Bring the needle out at a point between the first and second stitching.
  • Repeat this process of going down and bringing up to get more stitches.  


Types of Stem Stitch 

Two types of stem stitches are mainly found. They are –looped stem stitch & whipped stem stitch. 

  • Looped Stem Stitch: In this, the stitch shouldn’t pull out tightly and form a small loop.  
  • Whipped Stem Stitch: In this, another thread is used and the thread is passed through the stem stitch which was formed before. 

Uses of Stem Stitch

Stem stitch is used for borderline designs, baby dresses, flowers designs, stem designs, wall-mate designs, t-shirts, frocks, shirts, animals designs, birds designs, designs of different structures, share, Kurti designs, sofa covers, cushion covers, blouse designs, Kurta, coats, different geometric structures, etc. 


Threads of Stem Stitch

Borderline Embroidery uses a variety of different threads to create many comical scenarios. Stranded Embroidery Cotton, Perle Cotton, Wool, Metallic, Silk, Novelty Threads, Variegated, Rayon, Overdyed threads, Crochet, Floche, Ribbons, etc. are threads used for Borderline Embroidery.


Precautions of Stem Stitch

The threads of stem stitch shouldn’t pull out so tightly that they will stretch the base cloth and deform the structure.


Many types of videos are available on youtube on stem stitch. I’ve tried some stem stitching too. If you are interested please have a look.


Youtube Channel Link: Miss Anjiara Begum


Books of stem Stitch:

1.      Foolproof Flower Embroidery: 80 Stitches & 400 Combinations in a Variety of Fibers; Add Texture, Color & Sparkle to Your Organic Garden

2.      A-Z of Smocking: A complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced smocker (A-Z of Needlecraft)

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