Blanket Stitch Flower Embroidery Design Step by Step Tutorial

Blanket Stitch

From the stitching name, one can easily guess the uses of the stitches we are discussing now. The blanket stitch is mainly used for sewing the borderline of the blanket. Besides using as a borderline, it can be used for sewing simple designs and heavy designs either by simple lines or by filling the designs for furnishing the designs. The blanket stitch is used to finish the edges of blankets, tablecloths, mantel valances, and other items, as well as any other kind of fabric, including clothing.

 Process of Blanket Stitch

  • Ø  Bring out the needle from the starting point through the base cloth.
  • Ø  Insert the needle at some distance and pull the thread below by keeping the thread loosely forming a loop.
  • Ø  Bring up the needle at a short distance between the two points formed before.
  • Ø  The previously formed loop should be at the outside of the needle.
  • Ø  Insert the needle again at the similar line of the second point by keeping some thread loosely.
  • Ø  Bring out the needle at the similar line of the third point and the loop should be out of the needle.

Types of Blanket Stitch

ü  The basic blanket stitch

ü  Long and short blanket stitch

ü  Uneven blanket stitch

ü  Double blanket stitch

ü  German Knotted blanket stitch

ü  Closed blanket stitch

ü  Crossed blanket stitch

ü  Boxed blanket stitch

ü  Whipped blanket stitch

ü  Pinwheel

ü  Looped blanket stitch

The sector of Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch is used for Fatwas, Skirts, Kurti, borderline of Kurti, Kamij, Sharee, Blanket, different structures, Shirts, Coats, Mafflers, Washcloths, towels,  etc., kids' dresses, wall mates, Nakshi Kantha, cushion covers, sofa cover, bed sheet, sewing of shoes, the neckline of dresses, dolls making, handbag sewing, etc.

Designs of Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitching is used for sewing different geometric shapes, animal structures, flowers, dresses border structures, toys structure, attaching lace structures, linear structures, stem structures, etc.

Threads of Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch is better to do with slightly thicker threads as it will stay strong on the fabric. The threads that can be used are Stranded Embroidery Cotton, Perle Cotton, Wool, Metallic, Silk, Novelty Threads, Variegated, Rayon, Overdyed threads, Crochet, Floche, Ribbons, etc.

Sewing a blanket is not blanket stitches major works like its name. It can give varieties of decorative, attractive, heart-touching designs. My attempts at blanket stitch can be seen on my youtube channel.

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Books of Blanket Stitching: 

1. The Amazing Stitching Handbook for Kids: 17 Embroidery Stitches • 15 Fun & Easy Projects

2. The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches

Material Used: Needle, threads, base cloth, etc.

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