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Sofa Cover Embroidery

Before knowing about sofa covers let's first know what cover means. The cover is something that is used to cover the surface of other things for the protection of the surface from dirt, and dust, for concealing the inner parts, and for warmth. A sofa cover is an easily removable cloth of different shapes according to the size of the sofa or chair for protection from harming components. The sofa is used in drawing rooms mostly and it gives an eye-catching look in the place where it is placed. Sometimes, a sofa with a sofa cover adds a royal view to the house. The sofa is also used in the living room, bedroom, hotel, and office.

Fabrics for Sofa Cover

ü  Velvet Sofa Cover

ü  Linen Sofa Cover

ü  Cotton Sofa Cover

ü  Silk Sofa Cover

ü  Leather Sofa Cover

Designs of Sofa Cover

The sofa cover is sketched with different ingredients besides the use of printed sofa cover cloth. Embroidery of sofa cloth is one of them. Different types of large flowers, flowers with stems, Sindhi designs, Rangoli designs, butterfly designs, borderline embroidery, doll designs, bird’s designs, geometric designs, grasshopper designs, star designs, etc. are drawn and sewn on sofa covers.

Structure of Sofa Cover

Sofa covers are mainly rectangle-shaped. Square-shaped, triangle-shaped, half-moon-shaped, and full-moon-shaped covers can also be seen.

Stitches and Threads for sofa cover

Any type of stitches could be used for sewing the sofa covers. Stitches used are chain stitch, Satin stitch, Lazy Daisy stitch, Running stitch, Backstitch, Stem stitch, French knot stitch, Bullion Knot stitch, Fly stitch, Fish Bone stitch, Bead stitch, Grouped Blanket stitch, Spoke stitch, etc.

Components of Sofa Cover Embroidery

The main component for sofa cover embroidery is thread and needle. Among other components that are used in sofa covers, lace is notable. Besides this, sip, wireframes, and small-size stones can also be used.


Colors of Sofa cover Embroidery

Most of the sofa cover’s color is a light color. White or gray color sofa cover looks more elegant than deep-colored sofa cover in which embroidery is done with different colored threads.


In the previous year, the sofa was used mostly in urban areas. At present, it is seen in rural areas too. People of the present era are more luxurious as the income has increased even for the rural people. People are making the sofa cover more fascinating by adding embroidery to it.

Embroidery is my passion and tried varieties types of embroidery. Sofa cover embroidery is also available on the list of my embroidery. Please visit my channel for more curiosity.

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