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Chikankari Embroidery stitch

Chikankari is a traditional form of hand embroidery that originated in the city of Lucknow, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is characterized by its delicate and intricate white-on-white embroidery, which is typically worked on muslin or other lightweight fabrics.

The word "chikankari" comes from the Hindi term "chikan," which refers to the fine and intricately woven fabric that is used in this type of embroidery. Chikankari embroidery is believed to have originated in the courts of the Mughal Empire, where it was prized for its beauty and refinement.

There are six main stitches used in chikankari embroidery: the backstitch, the stem stitch, the chain stitch, the satin stitch, the knot stitch, and the jaali. These stitches are used to create a variety of patterns and designs, including flowers, leaves, and geometric shapes.

Chikankari embroidery is typically worked with white thread on white fabric, although other colors may be used as well. The embroidery is often highlighted with small touches of color, such as pastel shades of pink, blue, and green.

Chikankari embroidery is an important part of the cultural heritage of Lucknow, and it continues to be a popular form of hand embroidery in India and beyond. It is often used to embellish clothing, including sarees, salwar kameez, and dupattas, as well as home textiles such as bed linens and cushion covers.

Chikankari embroidery requires a high level of skill and patience, as the stitches are small and intricate. It is typically done by skilled artisans, who may work on a piece for several weeks or even months to complete it.

If you are interested in learning more about chikankari embroidery, there are a number of resources available, including books, online tutorials, and workshops. This traditional and beautiful form of hand embroidery is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can bring joy and beauty to your life.

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